For the last three hours of my shift at the rent paying job, I had a mega craving for McDonald’s french fries. Don’t know why, but I was desperate for a box. After work, me and my bike Max pedaled up to the 24-hour McDonald’s where Old Dixie and Forest Parkway meet. The damn door was locked. (Apparently after 11pm, it’s drive thru only.) Did I go home in anguish? Settle for the frozen fries in my freezer? AW, HELL NO!! I sent Max right thru the drive thru, and when I realized I wasn’t heavy enough to set off the sensor at the speaker, I pedaled up to the first window, “Hey! I have a craving and I’m not fat enough to set off your signal. You need to make sure there are extra fries in my order so that doesn’t happen again.” After the entire crew at Mickey D’s quit laughing, I got a box of fresh, hot out of the grease fries. Yummy!!