The two big Supreme Court decisions this week, the repeal of the voter rights act here in the south and the repeal of DOMA, both linger heavily in the air this weekend. I overheard, “People are so excited about the gains in homosexual rights that they forgot the tremendous blow to voting freedoms we received the day before.” I’m very guilty of this mentality and I’m spending the whole day at work today questioning why.

Racism is still very real around these parts. Last spring, one south Georgia county had its very first integrated prom. In 2013!! That means, in 2012, the whites went to get their groove on in one corner and the blacks another. And it was legal. Not a soul looked at it funny. Our governor Nathan Deal was asked to speak up and endorse the belated desegregation — something he adamantly refused. Again, with very little news coverage and very little WTF. Y’all this is the same dude that is writing our laws in the books. There’s not enough humanity in our politicians to allow them to be unsupervised.

But I still feel if we are only allowed one big decision this year, give it to the LGBT community. They need it more. Besides the biggest reason — various races can get married and they can’t, why?

It’s leather vs. fur. Both come from animals yet animal rights activists scream loudest at fur wearers. Cowardly if you ask me. Rich little old ladies and two pound, plastic IQ Barbie socialites wear fur and big, bald, 300lb, tattoo-covered biker dudes wear leather. Who are you going to bully into submission and who are you going to look at and keep your opinions to yourself? – I thought so.

I think the Black American population has grown big and powerful enough to be intimidating, to make people think twice about what they say and do. Prime example…Paula Deen. She let a racist slur exit her mouth 25 years ago and this week seven companies dropped her in two days. (I believe this is an excellent example of jumping the rich old lady when our oversized, head in the sand governor makes a better target, but you get what I’m trying to say. The Black voice is so strong it has its haters scurrying under bedsheets to hide. Racism against black people will hurt.) Actor Alec Baldwin spewed a batch of homophobic comments this very week. What happened to him? Is anything going to happen to him?

The LGBT community is growing, but it is still a smaller voice, a smaller presence. That equals easier target for bullies and hate crime. It needs our help more so it can grow and flourish. It needs people to step up and defend it until it’s big enough to throw its thick-muscled thigh over a leather Harley seat, rev the engine and speak, “What was that again? — I thought so.”