So Hot My Panties Could Put Out That Fire!

Once upon a time, I worked at a medical answering service. The bank next door was struck by lightning. Fire department highly recommended we evacuate, but the boss said only when our building catches fire, too. I answered phones and during a lull, I wandered outside just to remind those firemen, “I’m here. Will be here all night by myself. Can’t evacuate because I take medical emergency calls, but watch how fast my big butt can move when you tell me the flames are spreading in my direction.”

At that moment, the second engine arrived and those boys came off the side like the dam had broken and my world was being flooded by big, burly, beautiful men. I went from fear to arousal in less than a second. It took my breath! I wanted ALL of them to rescue me, take me, and make me theirs. My panties alone could have put that fire out.

Reading this book felt like that moment. Bring it boys!