I Did it! I Really Did It!

About a year ago, I had a wild hair bright idea. I already wrote erotic romance for women. I wanted to be able to write it for men, too. Expand as an author. Dare myself to cross my boundaries and be that much better.

It didn’t hurt that watching men kiss to me is kinda hot. Yeah, I had a gay friend tell me, “No Martha, I’m not going to make out with my boyfriend for your personal entertainment!” — “But, but…Why not? I’d make out with him for you.”

And apparently what used to be my little secret is now a fad. Women everywhere are admitting the same thing and female writers are writing gay erotic stories for their personal amusement, what’s called M/M (Man/Man) fiction. (It’s so popular now, a gay author, Josh Lanyon, has even written a how-to book on the budding genre just to help us ladies out.) Of course, M/M fiction makes gay men grump and growl the same way real lesbians do with lipstick lesbian porn for men. — And I agree, a lot of it is way too cheesy and way too fake.

I had a personal catch attached to my goal. Out of respect for my gay friends, if I did it, I was going to do it right. I couldn’t call myself a writer of straight and gay erotic fiction unless both parties were aroused by it. So when I came across a submission call for gay male stories, I checked out the editor, Shane Allison, a very gay man out of central Florida. I ordered and read a couple of his anthologies. If I didn’t submit the real thing to him, he’d be the first to toss it in the circular file cabinet under his desk and send me a chain letter rejection slip. After he grumped and growled.

I thought about it and thought about it, scribbled a few words and threw them away. Thought some more, wrote some more. The story began to take a little shape, I shortened it, elongated it, rewrote the damn thing about seven times before I tossed the whole giant mess in a maybe-next-year folder, just to dig it out two days later, “I might have something here.” The night I submitted it, I pressed the send button on my email with two fingers in case one of them did a last minute chicken out.

That story? It’s called TILF (Teacher I’d Love to Fuck) and it will come out September 10th in the book anthology Big Man on Campus. It was the first of three stories that editor purchased from me to be published in the near future. I saw the galleys for the book last week, a sneak peek gift from Shane, and I cried. It’s one of the coolest stories I’ve ever written. I can’t wait to see it on shelves!