Shane Allison's Steambath

I’m an erotica writer and up until last year, a writer of straight erotic fiction. But the blonde brain got to twisting and turning. Watching gay men make out, I confessed, was forty-five degrees beyond hot. (Did you just picture the line drawn from those high school protractors in geometry class and how much it looks like a good, stiff hard-on like I just did?)

I like writing about what makes my tummy do all kinds molten lava melts into my lower extremities and my toes clinch up, why not write about gay sex? — Uh, maybe because I’m not a gay man. I don’t have a penis… Etc. Etc.

But I am a writer. Stephen King is not a monster hiding in the trees out back. Dan Brown is not a Harvard symbologist. And E.L. James, well, I bet she hasn’t done all the things she wrote about in that book she made famous last year. You know which one I’m talking about.

That’s a writer’s magic. We can get in the heads of people we’re not and tell their stories the way they would if they actually existed and could. All from scratch – out of thin air. So my lack-of-penis excuse didn’t hold water. I had to switch my thinking to how much the penis is my favorite subject. (It is, it truly is!)

I said it before and I’ll say it again. If I do it, I do it right. A submission call came up in one of my writer’s groups (ERWA) for an anthology being edited by a gay man from Florida, Shane Allison. I couldn’t think up a better teacher if I was telling the story on pen and paper. I downloaded a couple of his books onto my Nook as research, College Boys and Backdraft. Of course, then I had to order more because I became an instant fan. By studying him, I built up the nerve to try. A try that became a sold inclusion in an upcoming anthology by Shane Allison himself.

He’s one of my inspirations. So cool he makes me speechless. And when I was told he’d be stopping by the first thought in my head — Please don’t let me make a fool of myself!

Shane’s new book Steambath I added to my list of too-hot-to-be-published-in-the-summer books. You’d think a whole book about one particular scenario would get monotonous, but Shane possesses the magic of uniqueness. He’s one of a kind and it shows in everything he touches. (That’s why I adore him so much!) You think it’s going to be full of Roman soldiers and naughty Caesars. It’s not, but there is one. Maybe it’s full of contemporary love fests. Not all of them, but there’s some. And the paranormal one was a complete surprise. Sigh, I can’t pick a favorite. I loved them all!

I pictured him sitting down at my desk, his quirky smile. Gasp! Oh, please don’t let me make a fool of myself. I have to be seen in public again someday.

1. What inspired you to pick up your pen and devote it to the erotic
genre? Who do you like to read?

Well, I wrote erotic poetry for a number of years, so moving into writing erotic stories just made sense. I was afraid for a long time to write fiction and didn’t believe I was all that good at it. I hadn’t written prose in eight years prior to 2001. I was studying poetry at The New School at the time. I came home in the summer of 2002 and wrote my first gay erotic story that year. “The Torsos of Angels.” It was later published and I then went on to write four more stories after that and the rest is history, and now here I am. I love the ability of conjuring up characters and making them do whatever I choose. We are the puppet masters of our creations. I didn’t read a great deal of erotica before 2002. I did understand that if I was going to make a go at it, I had to read the best work from those in the genre. Simon Sheppard, M. Christian, Thomas Roche, Sean Meriwether and tons of stuff from Best Gay Erotica. While stories from such anthologies are entertaining, it was also an education for me. I figured out the set up of an erotic story as well as the tools to use to make it successful. These guys were teachers for me. My favorite writers these days include Zane, Allison Hobbs, E. Lynn Harris, Walter Mosley. Zane and Allison Hobbs are by far the best in the business of erotica. These women will have your head spinning. Allison Hobbs has great what-the-fuck-moments in her books.

Then there was the personal question leave it up to me to be nosy-brave enough to ask….

2. If you could make out with any pop culture icon who would it be? And where?

I’m quite fond of that guy from the Disaronno commercial. I would love for him to ride up in a limousine and take me away to some exotic place. He’s sexy and debonair.

And the question I was almost too afraid to ask, but wanted to know with all my little blonde heart. (It was a once in a lifetime interview people!)….

3. As a gay man, what are your thoughts on the large number of female writers writing gay stories and the emergence of M/M fiction (male/male romance written almost exclusively by and for women)?

I used to take issue with women writing gay erotica, but I’ve realized that it’s not about who writes it than it is about telling a great story and knowing what you’re talking about. As an editor and a gay man, you better be able to know your way around a dick. Some of the gay erotica I have read by writers that are women tend to fall short. People think that how hard can it be? There is more to writing a porn story than just sex itself.

There is so much more to writing a porn story than just sex itself… Sigh! And you no longer need to wonder why I idolize him.

4. We’re all seriously hungry for more — What’s next from you?

I’m at work on two new anthologies for Cleis Press. Check out the call at I just finished my first novel, so I’m pretty psyched about that.


Well, I survived my interview with an idol and fell in adoration with him even more. I’m going to have to reread the book I just put down. And, of course, I’ll share a bit with you, because I like watching your toes clench with excitement.


Incubus Steams
Logan Zachary

Detective Timothy Ryan entered the new bathhouse called Incubus Steams. Its tag line read: Meet the man of your dreams and make all your fantasies come true… Ryan smiled to himself; it was a bold statement for any place to make, but from a bathhouse in Toronto? He doubted it.

Damon Noir sat at the front desk in the lobby’s booth, shirtless. He smiled when he saw Ryan enter. “Good morning and welcome to Incubus Steams.”

Ryan scanned Damon’s hairy, twenty-two-year-old chest. He noted the black hair and a dark olive complexion; his deep, brown eyes; and an even smile under a small moustache. Ryan reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his badge. “I’m here to ask you a few questions.”

Damon stood up, revealing he was naked sitting in the booth. He had a thick bush of black hair and a thick penis that appeared to be semierect. It rose up and down as Ryan’s eyes looked at it.

Ryan startled at the sight and brought his eyes back up to Damon’s eyes. He could see the smile inside, knowing he had been caught staring.

“As you can see,” Damon spread his arms wide and thrust his pelvis forward, “we have nothing to hide. What can I do for you?”

“I’m here about Jeron Nichols, a young man who disappeared over the weekend. The last place his friends saw him was here.” He pulled out a picture of the man and handed it to Damon through the booth’s window.

“He’s a very handsome man,” Damon said. “He’d be more than welcome here.” His cock swelled and stood straighter. He handed the picture back to the policeman as his other hand mindlessly reached down and pulled up on his low-hanging, hairy balls. The pair swung back and forth, making his thick dick sway.

Ryan took the picture back and pulled out two more. “What about these men?” One was a yearbook picture of a husky football player and the other was a lean swimmer in a Speedo. Both men were handsome, young and model material.

Damon shook his head. “No. Sorry. Anything else I can do for you?” He handed the pictures back and stood up, again pushing his hips forward.

Ryan swallowed hard. “I would like to take a look around, but I don’t have a warrant…”

“That shouldn’t be a problem. I own Incubus Steams, and, just as I said, we have nothing to hide.”

Ryan nodded, surprised at how easy it had been. Damon reached over to the Peg-Board next to him and handed him an elastic ring with a plastic number on it and a key.

“What is this?”

“It’s a locker key.” Damon placed a towel on the counter and pushed it through the window.

“What’s this?”

“If you want to come in and look around, you’ll have to follow the rules, just like everyone else. No shoes, no shirt, no clothes. No nothing.”

“I can’t…I’m on duty.”

“I can’t make my customers feel uncomfortable while they’re here. I don’t allow any street clothes past the locker room.” He pressed a button on the microphone next to the cash register.

“Bill, can you come up to the front desk, please.” His voice echoed through the building.

“I don’t understand.” Ryan turned the key over in his hand. The number 13 was carved into the plastic.

“Bill will cover the front desk for me, while I take you on a tour. Anything you want to see will be revealed.” He picked up the towel on the chair he had vacated and wrapped it loosely around his narrow hips. He opened the door and stepped out into the lobby.

“I’m not sure…” Ryan started.

“I’m sure you have been to a Y or a health club, it’s all the same thing, with a few different features and services offered. I’m sure you know what I mean.” He winked at Ryan.

Ryan bit his lower lip. How did this young man know he was gay? He knew his arousal wasn’t showing. Did his eyes reveal more about him than…? Did he spend too much time looking at his…?

Bill arrived with a towel wrapped around his waist and slipped into the vacated booth.

“Thanks, Bill. I’ll be showing this officer around Incubus Steams. I’ll be back once all of his questions have been answered.”

“Take your time.” Bill unwrapped his towel from his waist and set it on the chair. He bent forward showing a perfect, tight ass, smooth and white as cream. He sat down. His huge cock flopped over one leg. He adjusted himself and sat back as if he was sunning himself.

Damon motioned to the doorway that led to the locker room with an arrow painted on the wall. “After you,” he said.


I have a trade paperback copy of Steambath waiting for one lucky reader of this blog. Just leave a comment below and I’ll pick a random winner on Thursday, August 15th. Good luck and happy reading!