KISSING!!! My Most Favorite Thing in the World -- A must read!

Seal It with A Kiss: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Delivering the Knockout Kiss, by Violet Blue

What is a Kiss?

Kissing is a single act that can convey a wide variety of intentions. For instance, one type of kiss, a light affectionate peck, is a message of tenderness — it can be nonsexual, or a loving reminder. On the other hand, a first romantic kiss, built up to with nervousness and desire, might begin with the softest touch and pull you together like a red-hot magnet. A kiss between lovers is the spark that ignites passions into a blazing fire that may consume you both in a delicious make out session. This kind of kiss can be more powerful than the need to eat when you’re famished. Sometimes the prelude to a kiss is the best part; other times it’s only a teasing, playful beginning.

One kiss can change everything. It can make friends into so much more. A kiss is the moment when sex and science meet, when we know whether our chemistry matches our desire. A casual encounter might turn into a pivotal, life-changing moment, after which ordinary everyday situations with your friend become lustful encounters. Often, when we kiss someone for the first time, we know instantly whether or not we click with them sexually.

Kissing is also really good for you and good for everyone around you. The act of kissing makes you feel emotionally ecstatic — it stimulates the release of endorphins, natural opiates similar to the delirious rush we feel while running and when we fall in love. Prolonged sensual kissing releases the arousal hormone oxytocin, essential for orgasm. And it’s good for our teeth, because the increased flow of saliva washes our teeth in a plaque-dispersing bath. Now, doesn’t that sound sexy?

Most of all, kissing is fun. Welcome to the world of kissing bandits and superkissers, where you’ll learn how to cast an unforgettable, seductive spell with your lips. You’ll join the legions of women who can melt a man like butter with a kiss, are always the first ones picked for the kissing booth, and can easily become rulers of small countries with their ability to deliver the perfect kiss anywhere, anytime.