Bedded Bliss: A Couple's Guide to Lust Ever After by Kristina Wright

Oops! Maybe I have the wrong book. I love the author. Saw the name and had to read it, but instead of spicy erotic stories, I held a book focused on the keys to red hot monogamy and keeping your marriage spicy after years and years and years. This is something Kristina Wright has never done before and I’m really glad I opened it and read it despite NOT possessing a Mr. Me. This book makes you believe in true love and happily ever afters, a perfect mix of every day and the attitude of those who make it mixed with spicy, inspiring married sex erotica. I don’t think I’ve ever read Mrs. Wright so heartfelt! Several times I teared up and almost cried. Bedded Bliss is going into my “hope chest” for when Prince Charming finally pulls up to a gas station and asks for directions to my apartment. I loved this book. Like no relationship book I’ve ever read.



It’s easy when you’re young. Just starting out, broke, living paycheck to paycheck, it seems like hell — but those are the best days. When you only have each other. Now the economy is eating up our savings, the kids’ needs always come first (and there is no second). I’m stressed about being downsized out of a job, my partner is talking about going back to school. We never see each other. I know it could be worse. I really do know we are lucky to still be together after all of the ups and downs. But when is our time again? — David, married for twelve years.

Marriage is a mystery. People can tell you what it’ll be like and give your advice on how to have a happy marriage, but no two couples experience marriage the same way. Going in, you may think it’s going to be wall-to-wall sex punctuated by pizza deliveries and 2:00 A.M. kitchen rendezvous to devour anything that isn’t nailed down. Okay, maybe most of us don’t think that (though I really do remember feeling like that for at least a few months), but most people who decide to promise “until death us do part” or some other somber equivalent, are not thinking about the long haul and the tough times when they’re giddy with joy over how much sex they’re going to be having for the foreseeable future. But those tough times do come, no matter how charmed a life you lead — and sexual intimacy is often the first casualty when life gets tough.

There are dark days in every marriage, highs and lows in every stage of commitment. The divorce statistics tell us that a lot of couples decide to go their separate ways rather than hold on through the tough times. Most marriages that end go out wth a whimper instead of a bang — no pun intended. It’s rarely one big cataclysmic even that ends the relationships; rather, it’s the distancing that occurs over months or years. Job stress, health issues, the demands of parenting and family obligations — we all get wrapped up in the day-to-day struggles and forget about our partners. Sex slips farther and farther down the priority list, behind getting the dryer fixed and polishing the resume in case the economy dips even farther and taking the twins to ballet class, until sex — and the marriage itself — is dead last on an impossibly long to-do list for both people.

Certainly, there are legitimate reasons why couples split up — but I’m willing to bet there are a lot of good reasons to stay together, if only couples could remind themselves why they got married in the first place. Sex isn’t the answer in every difficult or busy time a couple faces, but as the stories below illustrate, sex can often bridge the gaps that couples in long-term commitments often encounter.