Slave GIrls: Erotic Stories of Submission

Slave Girls: Erotic Stories of Submission, edited by D.L. King, played with every BDSM type kinky fantasy I’ve ever had and a few I didn’t even know about. Read every story with breath held and eyes wide open.

by Rachel Kramer Bussel

It’s hard to say at first, which is more opulent — the gorgeously appointed luxury hotel room I’m standing in, or the silk blindfold waiting for me on the king-size bed. If there was a moment of doubt about my being in the right place, the five letters sewn into the black silk in elegant white italics confirm it completely: WHORE. That is what I am tonight and every night I spend with my lover, Peter. No, I’m not a whore in the traditional sense; I don’t take money, nor does he offer. Money is, ironically, beside the point between us. I’m not a whore with a heart of gold either; neither of us is rescuing the other, except from the otherwise staid in comparison to what happens between these magical walls.

Inside this room, I am his whore, his slut, his slave — his whatever-he-wants, truth be told. By picking up the keys he leaves for me at our prearranged times, I am agreeing to those terms, though we’ve never written any down save for the most depraved emails, the ones I most fear would be put on display should my account ever be hacked. We don’t need to make my whoredom official with a collar or a contract, because it already is; anything I do from this point on will only confirm what we both already know.