Women With Handcuffs: Lesbian Cop Erotica, Edited by Sacchi Green offers an all cop cast, but each cop is uniquely her own character. This sexy anthology doesn’t play on the same old law enforcement cliches. Every story is new and unique in flavor and hot enough to make me want to get arrested. At the bare minimum, get frisked and questioned by one of the cops I work with at the rent paying job.

Women With Handcuffs

by Ily Goyanes

The drizzle was tapering off and I was grateful. I had been standing on the street corner for forty-five minutes in a miniskirt and halter-top, and even my bones were cold. The brass had decided the sting should go down in December, of all months, the only month the temperature in Miami drops below sixty. As I bounced up and down to keep myself warm, I hoped that whomever I ended up arresting wasn’t married with children. If he was, I’d beat myself up over it all night, even with a bottle of scotch for comfort.

A car pulled up to the curb a few feet away from me. It was one of those luxury jobbies, all bright and shiny. I put on my best ‘straight’ pose, the one that didn’t make me look like I’d puke from kissing a guy. The car slowly approached and the tinted window on the passenger side lowered. Well, this is it, kid, make-it-or-break-it time.

I sauntered over, or at least what I thought sauntering might look like, and almost tripped in my heels. The only time I wore such instruments of torture was for weddings and funerals. I tried leaning into the car sexily and almost fell.

There was a woman standing in the driver’s seat. Oh, boy. She was about ten years older than me, and lord, was she a looker. I thought she might have been lost, until she spoke.

“Are you averse to offering your services to someone of your own sex?” She had long, natural red hair, bright green eyes and tits so big, they almost touched the steering wheel.

“Most definitely not.” Oops. I think I may have answered that out of character.

“I would like to take you to a hotel. For the night, if possible.”

“What did you have in mind?” I tried real hard to get back into cop/hooker mode.

“We’ll play it by ear. I figured we could start with some champagne. The rest will take care of itself. I assure you that I will not hurt you. Unless you want me to.”

I squeezed my legs together to keep my clit at bay. My type, and I do have one, is older, dominant women. Did I mention gorgeous? Yeah, gorgeous, older, dominant women. This dame was three for three.

I looked into her eyes and remembered that everything we said was being recorded. I didn’t want to bust this lady, unless we were role-playing, but there was no way out of the situation that I could think of. My job was to protect and serve, but I swear, if you asked me who I was protecting and serving at the moment, my mind would have drawn a blank. I had to get her to offer me money for sex in a way that would hold up in court. Usually, the “what did you have in mind” line works for cops, but she easily sidestepped that one. I couldn’t be too blunt either; that would be entrapment.