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I’m always on the lookout for new erotic anthologies to obsess over even though it won’t be long before I have to find the funds to rent a second apartment. There’s almost no room left in my cute, bohemian studio unit to hold both me and my library. Maybe if I drag my bed out and throw a few pillows and a comforter over some artfully arranged stacks…

But anyway, this week I found The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica, Edited by Rose Caraway. Who knew the little card catalog index cards could be so incredibly sexy? I can’t say enough how much I truly enjoyed reading every page. There were so many different, thrilling stories — think The Arabian Nights mixed with Disneyland. This book is the sexiest library you’ve ever been in with thought and vocabulary increasing tales that ignite your imagination.

Rose Caraway

When I was offered the chance to interview Rose Caraway and get a taste of what makes her artistic endeavors so hot, do you think I turned it down? Of course not!

1. What’s your favorite book? What’s the sexiest you’ve ever read?
My favorite book of all-time is Stephen King’s “Carrie”. I have read my paperback copy so many times, it is nearly falling apart. Carrie White and I go way back. I love the way S.K. wrote her. And, to be honest, I love the movie adaptation as much as the book.

This may not be the normal or average response, but the sexiest book I’ve ever read is “Dracula”. That story turns my brain on in every way. I simply has everything in it for me. It’s the true ‘ultimate adventure’. With tension building at every corner.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love asking erotic artists this question because the answer is never boring. This one was even more unique than all the others.

2. If you could make out with any pop culture icon, who would it be and where?

I would love to go to Castle Dracula, with Frank Langella’s dracula—so that he and I could… you know. Frank Langella’s Dracula will forever be the sexiest Dracula… ever. I fell in love with him at a very young age in the 80’s and have been faithful ever since. I will be Dracula’s Lucy (or should I say Mina?) anytime.

3. What can we expect next from you?

Currently I am interviewing contributing authors for my latest anthology over at The Sexy Librarian’s Blog-cast and also traveling up and down and across the US for The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica book tour. Here is the schedule of stops if anyone would like to attend a live reading:

9/15: Book Tour with Rachel Kramer Bussel & Rose Caraway at: The Booksmith: 1644 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA at 7:30pm

9/19: “The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica” book signing in Richmond, Virginia at: The Fountain Bookstore, 1312 E Cary St, Richmond, Virginia 23219 at: 12:30pm. (With Lynn Townsend and Kristina Wright)

9/24: Book Tour at: Books, Inc. 2275 Market Street, San Francisco (Castro District), CA at: 7:30pm (With Eva Gantz and Malin James)

9/25: Book Tour at: Good Vibes 3219 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland, CA 94610 at: 6:30pm to 8:30pm (With Sinclair Sexsmith and Jade A. Waters)

A ton of brilliant, sexy stuff is also coming up Audiobook-wise! I have “The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica”, Rachel Kramer Bussel’s “The Big Book of Submission”, DL King’s “The Big Book of Domination” and “Slave Girls”, and Shanna Germain’s “As Kinky as You Wanna Be”. Also, very soon I will be debuting my very first self-published audiobook only anthology, “Rose Caraway’s Dirty 30” which I am very excited about.

As always, I am putting out free erotica stories on my The Kiss Me Quick’s podcast. I have a terrific line-up there! Donna George Storey, Tamsin Flowers, Raziel Moore, Lynn Townsend… and many, many more fabulous stories to soon be narrated and fully produced—Stupid Fish style!

I am trying to wrap up my Erotic Horror novel WOLF. This book is my baby. This one is special. I am breaking rules and putting together one hell of a story that I know people are going to enjoy. You just really can’t go wrong with werewolves, serial-killers, true love and transcendent courage.

Rose Caraway3

The Perfect Massage
by Olivia Archer

“I was not scheduled to work today,” he explains, “but informed the club that I would come in for your appointment. I hope Lance was able to get you started sufficiently.”

Lance has moved to the side of the massage table, but his hands continue to rub my lower back. I can hear Armand moving around, out of my sight line, then he applies pressure to the balls of my feet. Being touched by both of them makes my libido rev up even more.

“He’s been great,” I respond, “This is amazing.”

This?” repeats Armand. “You wish for Lance to remain?”

I laugh, embarrassed yet serious. “Two men rubbing me? Who could say no?”

So, instead of leaving, Lance begins to massage me intensely, moving lower on my back than Armand has before. The shet had been pushed down and draped across my butt. Now Lance moves the sheet down farther, beginning to deeply knead my glutes. Most masseurs shy away from this area, but it contains powerful muscle groups and mine could use some release.

Meanwhile, Armand spreads massage oil on the backs of my legs and begins rubbing the muscles down there. He asks, “May I remove the sheet?”

“Yes,” is the only word I can summon in this state of bliss.

The sheet is gone as both men attentively massage my body, their hands getting closer together until I can no longer distinguish Lance’s from Armand’s. My body is supple from their touch and alive with desire.

Hands slip between my thighs. Their steady rhythm causes my breath to quicken in anticipation. Time becomes fluid as I am lost in pleasure.

Normally the sheet is pulled up to my shoulders, then I discreetly roll onto my back for the final part of my massage. I feel hesitation from them. Someone starts the music again.

Armand asks me, “Would you like to continue?”


He instructs, “Lance, the mask.” Lance’s hands carefully gather my shoulder-length brown locks as he slips the silky mask on, and helps me roll onto my back.

I wonder how my body must look, bared on the table before them, but don’t have much time to think about it because they both begin rubbing me again. I am so turned on, I fight the urge to spread my legs wide open to Armand, who is still at my feet.

Lance begins kneading a path across my shoulders, but soon is circling my breasts with his gentle hands, teasing each nipple with his slick fingers.

Armand asks from below, “Ms. Rollins, may I?”

May he what? I wonder, as I answer, “Yes!”

Hands are between my legs again, this time parting them as far as possible on the narrow table. My open pussy is fully on display to Armand. Deft fingers disappear into the folds of my labia, to probe my wet heat, revealing the strength of my desire.

Lance kisses my forehead, then my lips. His fingertips continue their amazing patterns on my breasts. My nipples are throbbing in sync with my crotch.

I hear rustling at the foot of the table, then Armand removes his hands. Lance stops kissing me, and I listen to the sounds of clothing beign shed. My heart is thundering. I think that I must be as loud as my panting breath.

The table shifts as a man climbs onto it, near my ankles. His bare skin brushes mine as he nestles between my legs. Again Armand asks, “May I?”