Best Gay Romance

Best Gay Romance is another series of anthologies that I go looking for every year. And for 2015, they have a new editor, Felice Picano, to change things up a bit while keeping it just as sweet and dreamy hot. I love what he did with this year’s edition and hope to see him again in 2016. The stories were funny and entertaining like playful, flirtatious repartee over drinks but they also had depth, like a couple with a long history together, willing to still find romance through sickness and in health. Yeah, reading this book is just like holding hands and falling in love.

Valentine’s Day passed forty eight hours ago, but thanks to this delicious book, I’m still feeling the vibes.

Transitions of Glass
by Simon Bleaken

“Somebody’s happy,” he grinned, and leaning over he began to lick and suck at the stain, before turning his lips and tongue to play with the bulge that was still growing inside my trousers. A shiver ran through me, and as he eased me back onto the bed I saw a similar bluge straining against the tight cloth of his jeans. I reached out for him, squeezing and massaging his erect cock through the denim, feeling its warmth and firmness, and then his lips found mine as he slid on top of me, our crotches whispering together as cloth brushed cloth and bulge brushed bulge.

“Lie still,” he whispered, nipping my earlobe lightly with his teeth, while his hands reached down and unbuckled my belt. His agile fingers then got to work on the buttons at my crotch, opening them one by one, before sliding my cargo pants down and off and doing the same with my underwear. I shivered and swallowed as my exposed dick brushed against the front of his jeans, leaving a further trail of precum on the dark denim.

“Very happy,” he smiled again, looking down at what he had uncovered.

A shiver of doubt awoke within me then, like a dying ember struggling to flare to life one final time. “Is it,” I whispered, half afraid to ask, “okay?”

“No complaints so far,” he laughed.

The doubt flickered and died, and I lay back, finally allowing myself to relax and enjoy the moment.

He quickly shed his own clothes, kicking them aside, and caught sight of his cock. It was thin and long and stood proudly up from a tuft of dark pubic hair.

“Do you like what you see?” he winked.

“Oh yeah,” I nodded.

He lay next to me and tugged my T-shirt up and over my head, throwing it onto the floor before playing the tip of his tongue around my nipples and gently running his hands along my chest. I could feel his dick rubbing against my leg, and my own strained in response.

“Isn’t that nice?” he asked softly as he lifted his head, and it was all I could do to nod. The lump in my throat appeared to have blocked off everything but my breathing — and I only did that when I realized I hadn’t been. His fingers gently explored my skin, running softly across my chest, getting lower all the time. I felt relaxed and tense at the same time — enjoying the experience and yet waiting anxiously for the moment when I knew he would…

Fynn slid his fingers gently over my balls and up the shaft of my penis, stroking the side of the head and playing with the slit at the top. Again my breath caught in my throat as a wave of pleasure surged through me. Time felt like it had become suspended in amber — seconds seeming to draw out into an eternity, and I didn’t want the moment to end.

Then Fynn moved farther down and slipped the head of my dick into his mouth, sucking and running his tongue over the tip as he closed his eyes, and a fresh shiver of delight surged through me. I could feel the pressure building up within me and knew any second I would feel that familiar tingle right before I came. I grasped the bedclothes in my hands, twisting the cloth as I bit my lower lip.

A pleasured grunt escaped my lips as I felt the awaited tingle surge along my swollen shaft — and felt myself come in a wonderful shuddering spasm. I opened my eyes to see Fynn smiling at me, my seed on his lips. And then it was my turn, as Fynn lay beside me and I took the head of his penis into my mouth, repeating what he had done to me, learning from him and feeling the heat of his passion and the throbbing of his erect cock. I took him into my mouth greedily, lips and tongue playing against flesh, delighting in every new experience.

When he too at come, filling my mouth with his shot, he wrapped his arms around me and we rolled back. The frantic passion of my initiation spent, now we just enjoyed the warmth of our bodies pressed together, skin against skin. I closed my eyes as he buried his mouth in my neck, planting deep slow kisses from my shoulder to my ear and back again.

I kissed him back, tasting the salty sweat on his body.

“Thank you, sir knight,” I whispered, resting my head on his chest.

“Anytime, my prince,” he answered.