Three is magic, three is mysterious, three is a heart turned sideways, looking at life a little differently from the rest.

Three of Hearts

I’ve been waiting for this book to come out — FOREVER! Threesomes, especially of the male/male/female variety are my favorite erotic anthology subject. The market is drowning in them, true, but they’re mostly self-published e-books, and well, uh, they just don’t share the same quality as their mainstream print collections. I’ve yet to find a Kristina Wright anthology I didn’t like and her threesome anthology has made it to the very first space on my to-be-read again bookshelf, like the star on top of my literary Christmas tree.

1. What inspired you to put together an anthology of romance-laced threesomes?

After editing almost a dozen erotic romance anthologies, I was looking to do something different. I thought it would be a fun to challenge the authors to not only focus on three-way erotica but to also develop a romantic relationship between at least two of the partners. I wasn’t disappointed. The stories I chose for this collection are wild, passionate and truly romantic. Since Alison Tyler was one of my inspirations for this anthology (her Three Way: Erotic Adventures is a scorching hot read!), I asked her to write the foreword for the book. It really is a pleasurable romp from beginning to end, with all manner of triads represented.

2. In almost every interview this year, my second question has always been which celebrity or pop icon would you like to make out with and where? But since this is a book about threesomes, which two
celebrities would you like to have a threesome make out session with, and where?

Wow, interesting question! Well, I’ve long had a crush on George Clooney, but I think it might be more fun to have a drink with him… Hmm. I think I’ll go the superhero route and say Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo. You can’t go wrong with Iron Man and The Hulk, right?

3. What can your fans expect from you next?

My next erotic romance anthology is Best Erotic Romance of the Year, due out in July. (

Movie Night
by Tiffany Reisz

“Oh, I could tell,” Leigh said, crossing her arms over her chest. “Trust me.”

“My cock is pretty amazing,” Bryce said with a humble sigh. “I guess you’re right.”

“I think it could work,” Ethan said, coming back to the sitting area holding a glass of wine. “You’d have to even the playing field though. No talking, no touching, just cock-in-pussy. And total darkness, of course.”

“He’s got a point, babe. You know it’s me because of my voice and how I touch you.” He took Leigh by the wrist and pulled her back down onto his lap. “If you were blindfolded or something and two different guys fucked you without a word, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.”

“I could tell,” she said. “And I can prove it.”

“How?” Ethan asked, raising the wineglass to his lips.

“Just like Bryce said — blindfold me, don’t make noise, and fuck me.” She looked at her husband who only laughed a little.

Ethan lowered the wineglass before he’d even taken a drink.

“You mean now?” Ethan asked.

“Why not?” Bryce ran his hand from Leigh’s ankle to her hip. “She dissed your favorite movie. You don’t want to prove her wrong?”

“Dude, she’s your wife.”

“You didn’t tell him?” Leigh asked.

“I thought he knew,” Bryce said.

“Thought I knew what?” Ethan asked.

“Oh, we’re kinky as fuck, Ethan,” Leigh said.

“I knew he was. I didn’t know you were,” Ethan said to Leigh.

“We have threesomes at least once a month,” Leigh explained as Bryce kissed her under her ear. “Usually it’s me and one of my girlfriends with him, but sometimes it’s another guy. I’m never blindfolded though, and I always know who’s fucking me. This could be interesting.”

“Want to?” Bryce looked up at Ethan.

“Do I want to fuck your wife?” Ethan looked at Bryce and then back at her. “You don’t even have to ask.”

“I’ll get the stuff,” Leigh said, scrambling off Bryce’s lap. “Are we in here or in the bedroom? Preference, Ethan?”

He still wore a look of Did I just win the lottery? “In here, I guess. I think I’d feel even weirder doing this in your bedroom,” Ethan said.

“Suit yourself,” Leigh said and headed to the bedroom. She opened the trunk under the window and found the heaviest of their blindfolds. From the nightstand, she grabbed a box of condoms and a bottle of lubricant. In front of the mirror she paused long enough to tuck a stray tendril of red hair back into place and to adjust the straps of her pale-yellow sundress she’d been running around in all day. Ethan always said he wouldn’t get married until he found a redhead as sweet as her. Why should Bryce have all the luck? Leigh shimmied out of her panties and left them on the bedroom floor. Oh, Ethan. A wide grin spread across Leigh’s face. Would he still think she was “sweet” after tonight?”

She returned to the den where Bryce and Ethan had already moved the coffee table out of the way. Bryce laid a blanket on the floor over the Oriental rug. They’d learned the hard way not to fuck on that rug without something between her back and the rough pile.